AlogliptinAlogliptin IntermediateAlogliptin KSMAlogliptin API
AnagliptinAnagliptin Intermediate & TicketAnagliptin KSM & TicketAnagliptin API
AzacitidineAzacitidine Intermediate & TicketAzacitidine KSM & TicketAzacitidine API
BimatoprostBimatoprost Intermediate & TicketBimatoprost KSM & TicketBimatoprost API
BroxuridineBroxuridine Intermediate &TicketBroxuridine KSM
Broxuridine API
BlasticidinBlasticidin Intermediate&TicketBlasticidin KSM &TicketBlasticidin API
CanagliflozinCanagliflozin Intermediate & TicketCanagliflozin KSM & TicketCanagliflozin API
CandesartanCandesartan Intermediate & TicketCandesartan KSM & TicketCandesartan API
CangrelorCangrelor Intermediate & TicketCangrelor KSM & TicketCangrelor API
CapecitabineCapecitabine IntermediateCapecitabine KSMClevudine API
CarboprostCarboprost Intermediate & TicketCarboprost KSM & TicketCarboprost API
CarmofurCarmofur Intermediate &TicketCarmofur KSM &TicketCarmofur API
CiticolinCiticolin IntermediateCiticolin KSMCiticolin API
ClevudineClevudine IntermediateClevudine KSMClevudine API
DabigatranDabigatran Intermediate & TicketDabigatran KSM & TicketDabigatran API
DapagliflozinDapagliflozin Intermediate & TicketDapagliflozin KSM & TicketDapagliflozin API
DasatinibDasatinib Intermediate&TicketDasatinib KSM&TicketDasatinib API
DecitabineDecitabine Intermediate & TicketDecitabine KSM & TicketDecitabine API
DinoprostDinoprost Intermediate & TicketDinoprost KSM & TicketDinoprost API
DoxifluridineDoxifluridine Intermediate &TicketDoxifluridine KSM & TicketDoxifluridine API
EdoxudineEdoxuridine IntermediateEdoxuridine KSMEdoxudine API
EmpagliflozinEmpagliflozin Intermediate & TicketEmpagliflozin KSM & TicketEmpagliflozin API
EmtricitabineEmtricitabine Intermediate & TicketEmtricitabine KSM & TicketEmtricitabine API
Enalapril maleateEnalapril maleate IntermediateEnalapril maleate KSMEnalapril maleate API
EniluracilEniluracil Intermediate &TicketEniluracil KSM & TicketEniluracil API
EprosartanEprosartan Intermediate & TicketEprosartan KSM & TicketEprosartan API
ErtugliflozinErtugliflozin Intermediate & TicketErtugliflozin KSM & TicketErtugliflozin API
EtravirineEtravirine Intermediate&TicketEtravirine KSM & TicketEtravirine API
FavipiravirFavipiravir IntermediateFavipiravir KSMFavipiravir API
FiacitabineFiacitabine IntermediateFiacitabine KSMFiacitabine API
FloxuridineFloxuridine IntermediateFloxuridine KSMFloxuridine API
FlucytosineFlucytosine Intermediate &TicketFlucytosine KSM & TicketFlucytosine API
GemcitabineGemcitabine IntermediateGemcitabine KSMGemcitabine API
GlibenclamideGlibenclamide IntermediateGlibenclamide KSMGlibenclamide API
GlimepirideGlimepiride IntermediateGlimepiride KSMGlimepiride API
GlipizideGlipizide IntermediateGlipizide KSMGlipizide API
GliquidoneGliquidone IntermediateGliquidone KSMGliquidone API
GlisoxepideGlisoxepide IntermediateGlisoxepide KSMGlisoxepide API
IdoxuridineIdoxuridine Intermediate &TicketIdoxuridine KSM & TicketIdoxuridine API
IpragliflozinIpragliflozin Intermediate & TicketIpragliflozin KSM & TicketIpragliflozin API
IrbesartanIrbesartan Intermediate & TicketIrbesartan KSM & TicketIrbesartan API
LamivudineLamivudine Intermediate & TicketLamivudine KSM & TicketLamivudine API
LatanoprostLatanoprost Intermediate & TicketLatanoprost KSM & TicketLatanoprost API
LisinoprilLisinopril IntermediateLisinopril KSMLisinopril API
LosartanLosartan Intermediate & TicketLosartan KSM & TicketLosartan API
MavacamtemMavacamten Intermediate & TicketMavacamten
Mavacamten API
MericitabineMericitabine IntermediateMericitabine KSMMericitabine API
MolnupiravirMolnupiravir IntermediateMolnupiravir KSMMolnupiravir API
OlmesartanOlmesartan Intermediate & TicketOlmesartan KSM & TicketOlmesartan API
Pitavastatin CalciumPitavastatin Calcium IntermediatePitavastatin Calcium KSMPitavastatin Calcium API
 Pregabalin Pregabalin Intermediate & TicketPregabalin KSM & TicketPregabalin API 
Rosuvastatin CalciumRosuvastatin Calcium IntermediateRosuvastatin Calcium KSMRosuvastatin Calcium API
SitagliptinSitagliptin Intermediate & TicketSitagliptin KSM & TicketSitagliptin API
StavudineStavudine Intermediate & TicketStavudine KSM & TicketStavudine API
TafluprostTafluprost Intermediate & TicketTafluprost KSM & TicketTafluprost API
TelbivudineTelbivudine Intermediate & TicketTelbivudine KSM & TicketTelbivudine API
TelmisartanTelmisartan Intermediate & TicketTelmisartan KSM & TicketTelmisartan API
TolazamideTolazamide Intermediate &TicketTolazamide KSM &TicketTolazamide API
TravoprostTravoprost Intermediate & TicketTravoprost KSM & TicketTravoprost API
TrelagliptinTrelagliptin IntermediateTrelagliptin KSMTrelagliptin API
TrifluridineTrifluridine IntermediateTrifluridine KSMTrifluridine API
ValsartanValsartan Intermediate & TicketValsartan KSM & TicketValsartan API
ZalcitabineZalcitabine Intermediate &TicketZalcitabine KSM & TicketZalcitabine API
ZidovudineZidovudine Intermediate & TicketZidovudine KSM & TicketZidovudine API

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API Supply Chain.
Supply Series—Key Starting Materials, Intermediates and APIs.
We, from Aizenx, provide the job work for the following Intermediate.
We purchase the intermediate from you for the supply chain. (You sell the intermediate to Aizenx.)
Buy form Aizenx: To supply the intermediate, you have to purchase the KSM—key starting material. (You buy the KSM from Aizenx.).
Once you establish the yield, timeline and payment agreement, you can enter into supply contract with us.
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